Power Platform

An easy and cost-efficient way to accelerate digital transformation

MS Power Platform: what’s in it?

Power Platform is a fast, cost-effective, and secure way to digitize your business and increase process efficiency. With MS Azure and Dataverse at its core, Power Platform includes Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents.

Each of these tools is powerful in its own right, but together they make magic. They seamlessly integrate within the MS ecosystem. It makes security, authorization, and licensing processes easier – great for internal enterprise needs. External-facing websites work perfectly with Power Platform, too.

In a nutshell, Power Platform is a low-code technology to:

create customized websites, mobile and web apps fast

automate repetitive business activities

gain better data insights with business analytics visualization

enhance conversational solutions with powerful chatbots

For more ambitious results, you can connect each of the Power Platform elements to each other and to more than 300 connectors like MS Office 365, Salesforce, Google services, and more.

Our development team knows firsthand how challenging it may be to manage and connect to the data in sources, other than Dataverse. We can apply our experience to help your business benefit from Power Platform and enhance your competitiveness with reliable and easy-to-maintain solutions.

Power Apps

Transform your processes with rapidly built custom web and mobile apps.

Use Power Apps to:

• effectively solve your specific business needs

• enable your business teams to collaborate faster by uniting diverse data sources

• scale up your solution with 300+ connectors like MS Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.

• customize the solutions you already use, and more

Power BI

Visualize the full picture of your data into more insightful and eye-catching analysis.

Use Power BI to:

• visualize business data with beautiful interactive reports and live dashboards

• share them to keep the team updated on analytical business information

• take action faster based on the interactive insights

Power Automate

Get more while doing less: boost your business productivity with automated operations.

Use Power Automate to:

• eliminate routine tasks and save time for more meaningful challenges with automated workflows across your apps

• set requests and approval flows with ease directly in the MS Teams or Outlook

• run complex enterprise-level integrations with MS Azure

• automate legacy systems that have no APIs with RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Power Pages

Rapidly build secure internal and external websites to get your message or services to market.

Use Power Pages to:

• get quick low-code websites based on ready-to-use and customizable templates or with easy drag-and-drop design

• cover more challenging demands with advanced development tools like Visual Studio Code

• optimize your website for desktop and mobile devices

Power Virtual Agents

Instantly address a range of requests – from the simplest ones to those requiring complex conversations – with sophisticated chatbots.

Use Power Virtual Agents to:

• easily build bots driven by Artificial Intelligence and Power Automate

• cover internal (employees) and external (customers) issues with personalized conversations

• improve your chatbots’ performance along the way with self-learning AI

How you benefit from Power Platform

Save time and reduce costs with automated business processes

Faster access relevant information "on the go" with mobile apps

Improve work accuracy and business productivity through digitization

Work across devices and collect better data from people being "on the spot"

Drive digital transformation with better access to information


"We have taken an important step towards making our solution more mobile. Which can potentially improve operational speed and efficiency for our customer's egg producers."

Iwan Ubachs

Project Manager at OVO-Vision

"We aspired to have a powerful tool to maintain our authenticity, a corporate HR portal to keep the teams involved… Naturally, as a Microsoft tech stack company, we referred to Power Platform."

Nicolai Krarup

COO at Global Mediator

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