Automated end-to-end testing of digital business processes

Testing your digital solutions matters. What also matters is the way you do that.

Distributed cloud architecture enables companies to use multiple business applications for efficiency. Each of them offers different ways of automating testing within the application itself. However, this does not support the testing of business processes running on multiple applications and/or websites.

For critical end-to-end testing of operational processes, we use Microsoft Playwright. It's a young yet strong player in the arena of automated testing. Playwright allows us to quickly and cost-effectively test many process steps in multiple applications over and over again.

Playwright is a fast, open-source, cross-browser framework. With this tool, you make sure that your solution works perfectly in Google Chrome, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Playwright is about testing any digital solution, including mobile views. It’s a tool that enables both UI and API testing. And a real gem that facilitates UI testing for Business Central as it works with Iframes.

Executed well, Playwright keeps you from tedious, costly, and imperfect manual testing.

You can easily integrate it with any development tools you need and workflows you run. You can apply Playwright before the launch of your solution. Or you can use it simultaneously with introducing the improvements you need. Either way, Playwright will help you feel safe about the results of your work.

▶ With Playwright, your QA journey is not limited to, for instance, JavaScript only. The QA team can also work with .NET C#, Java, and Python to write test scripts.

▶ You can run simultaneous testing through Browser Context to check multiple web pages, within several browsers.

▶ Playwright covers all possible testing scenarios, it is fast and accurate.

▶ Playwright deals with testing for either headed or headless environments, either locally or on CI.

▶ This is consistent with CI/CD practices. Playwright integrates with Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, and other major CI/CD tools.

▶ It supports API testing. Playwright automates request submission and checks the solution’s response. In this way, you can check whether the solution's API is working correctly and meeting user expectations.

▶ Playwright doesn’t deal with the code base to do the work. Its magic is happening on the UX side. The UX and the code base remain separated while testing.

How you benefit from Playwright

Save time and money with reusable automated testing

Complement your QA needs with accurate tests that cover all possible scenarios

Reduce human errors and keep the high quality of your solutions with impressive testing capabilities

Test either web apps or mobile views, either headless or headed models

Meet all the specific needs of your business with a very adaptable tool

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