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Are you using Microsoft Power Platform to streamline business processes?

April 14, 2021

Low-code solutions conquer the market. MS Power Platform offers a breakthrough in digital transformation.

As a software engineering house focused on business processes, Global Mediator wants to deliver the best solutions for its customers and partners across business applications. It is therefore natural for us to try to keep up with technologies to provide innovative solutions for ERP systems and much more.

For almost a decade we have seen a transformation in Microsoft Dynamics to a more distributed architecture and we feel that Power Platform secures a novel and progressive direction of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family. And, in addition to our customer projects, we have been busy rebuilding our internal processes using as much Power Platform as possible over the past 6 months.

Why Power Platform?

Once data security and accessibility were provided for Teams thanks to the move to Dataverse, we felt that it gave the platform a further boost for the integration process and extra security precautions. We, therefore, decided to implement all employee-centered actions on the platform.

“We increasingly see Power Platform as one of the most cost-efficient ways for our customers to improve both user engagement and automation in business processes.”

– Nicolai Krarup, COO at Global Mediator

Clearly, Microsoft has put much effort into Power Platform as it is one of their strategic priorities together with cloud usage. This single low-code platform is a teamplay of data, processes and applications, which form a powerful combination to act efficiently on business information. The core components of Power Platform – Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents – are beginning to show their potential.

  • They assist in tailoring business solutions – (potentially) smoothly processing large data volumes, analyzing and visualizing the information and creating automated processes for business.
  • Low-code drag-and-drop development provides a flexible and cost-effective way of creating web and mobile applications. It is ideal for internal enterprise needs when the expenditure on application development from scratch has no economic sense.
  • Tedious processes can be turned into an automated workflow, meaning users can save time for meaningful tasks and avoid monotonous manual routines.
  • Solutions are seamlessly integrated within the MS ecosystem; which is the promise you can expect from Microsoft. This would make authorization and licensing processes for the users easier.
  • Approximately 300 connectors including SharePoint, Office 365 Outlook, MS Teams etc., are available to streamline the processes for integration of the Power Platform into either internal or external data sources. They make the Power Platform’s capacity almost limitless.

We build with technologies we believe in

To us, the Microsoft Power Platform is fairly young yet potentially powerful and promising. However, it is not yet as easy to combine multiple data sources from legacy systems into a seamless process as the marketing machine will make you believe. Certain professional skills must be invested and this may open new horizons of cooperation.

Microsoft Power Platform is fairly young yet potentially powerful and promising technology

Power Platform proved to be a rapid response to the “new normal” we face with people working from home, a reality that requires recalibration and digitalization. To deal with remote operations smoothly, Global Mediator chose Power Platform as a highly customizable solution for our own corporate HR needs. Thanks to its responsiveness and versatility, we have adapted an approachable web portal. We automated diverse HR operations including request submissions and calculations and added rich data visualization. It accelerated internal processes and strengthened our online community.

Making steps into the future

Power Platform is at the heart of our vision for the future. We have moved from a silo thinking ERP house to a business process house because of the opportunities we see in creating tailored solutions for any kind of businesses across multiple business apps. And we will continue to improve our internal systems and processes on Power Platform for the foreseeable future.

Global Mediator has a track record of welcoming innovative partners with brilliant ideas. Anybody out there building internal processes on the Power Platform and who are ready to gain knowledge working together? It would be worthwhile to expand the experience, and with a technical team in place, we can likely get many crazy ideas that organizations have implemented. Let us know if you have any ideas of this kind.

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