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How to boost business digitalization: more Power Platform, fewer efforts

April 24, 2023

If your digital transformation process is not moving fast enough, you could benefit from a new approach using proven and well-integrated tools. MS Power Platform is one of those. It enables robust, automated end-to-end solutions to support efficient business processes.

Microsoft states that Power Platform is more than a sum of its elements. Harnessed together, they promise a quick, fruitful, and affordable digital transformation. This may be why the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ recognizes MS Power Platform as one of the absolute leaders in enterprise low-code applications platforms.

But what exactly makes Power Platform stand out that much? Why do organizations opt for Power Platform and trust Power Apps development? What real benefits does it offer?

Why Power Platform is worth trying

Its five elements accelerate the digital transformation of business processes. Power Apps development deals with custom mobile and web apps fast. Power BI brings visualization into business data analysis. Power Automate speaks for itself and is about automating workflows. Power Pages helps create custom internal and external websites. Power Virtual Agents deals with building AI-driven chatbots that enhance user experience online.

Power Platform may be low code. Even so, you need to combine it with in-depth knowledge of business processes and the underlying technology. Therefore, to speed up innovation and enhance your competitive edge, low code needs experienced professionals, too.

Global Mediator is a Microsoft tech stack hub with Business Central apps at its core. We have been working with financial solutions for more than a decade. Naturally, it pushed us to also help companies optimize business processes with Power Platform. Based on our experience with data models, APIs, and even RPA tools like UIPath, we have concluded that any form of business intelligence or automation is only as good as the data you use.

"Any form of business intelligence or automation is only as good as the data you use.

If you are not in control of your data, the tool will not help you move forward. With that caveat in place, we now share why we see Power Platform as a future-proof technology. And why we see it as an extremely practical decision."

- Nicolai Krarup, COO at Global Mediator
Leverage all Microsoft benefits

97% of the Fortune 500 leverage MS Power Platform in various ways. Many of these companies have successfully conducted business for decades. And they keep their influence on the business world with their processes optimized and automated with Power Platform. The numbers do underscore the lasting imprint of the technology giant on digital transformation trends.

Also, Microsoft is about availability and security. Most certainly, your organization is already a Microsoft product user. Power Platform is easy to integrate with more than 300 connectors. These include Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, and the list goes on. That is how businesses get a seamless experience across their technology stack and leverage data from multiple sources.

Meanwhile, Power Platform does not limit your business to the MS ecosystem. Available connectors enable the platform to connect to numerous apps outside the MS suite.

Unite business processes under one umbrella

Leveraging business data is more efficient when it’s gathered into a single source of truth – across various departments and devices. And that’s when Power Platform comes into play. You layer processes and data on top of Power Platform. Thus, you develop a cyclic approach with automated routines, deeper data analysis, and tailored apps or websites. You manage all kinds of data in a business-specific, consolidated platform at your fingertips.

You may use an internal website for corporate processes. Or run an external one to get your message to customers as your unifying platform. Even if you use multiple tools to gather business information and data sources other than Dataverse.

That’s exactly how we ended up building Global Galaxy, our internal portal. It leans on Power Platform’s exclusive capabilities, Dataverse, and home-built apps. It first aimed to address our corporate needs like automated request and approval processes. These days it also deals with remote onboarding operations, interactive vacation calendar, and more.

Enhance cost savings and decrease time to market

Investing in the technological advancement of your business is critical. Application development is an integral part of such advancement. At the same time, companies seek to reduce both development time and cost.

In contrast to classic SDLC, low code enables businesses to cut costs along the development process. According to Forrester’s 2022 report, using Power Platform decreases app development costs by 45%. And here is why.

Power Apps has tricks up its sleeve like ready-to-use, drag-and-drop interfaces. Developers also use pre-built templates to deliver even faster results with Power Platform. Isn’t that one more compelling reason to go for Power Platform?

Enable easy automation of manual routines

Even in the era of rapid digitalization, a great deal of daily processes still lies with time-consuming manual activities. Power Automate is here to help. To increase operational speed and business productivity overall, it transforms repetitive actions into automated workflows. With Power Automate, the HR activities at Global Mediator are now happening 4 times faster. No more struggles with creating, submitting and approving any kind of request. Whether vacation or IT requests, business trip reimbursements, and more. It takes a few clicks now. Less paper – and paper work – more time for meaningful, impactful tasks.

Enrich business analytics

Power BI injects advanced visualizing capabilities into daily processes. Good visuals help businesses leverage more insights for more data-driven business decisions. The visual data reports, generated as charts or dashboards with Power BI, are easy to digest and analyze.

Power BI can pick up information from various sources like Excel, SharePoint, or OneDrive. What’s more, the tool connects with CRM and ERP systems like Dynamics 365. That enables businesses to better perceive the data they share and make better use of it.

Boost business digitalization with more Power Platform and fewer efforts

The future of app development is already here

The low-code technologies will rule in the foreseeable future. Together with AI, they will be the talk of the town for some time. The ever-evolving technological landscape and urgent demand for business applications push businesses to manage changes.

Adapting to such changes with low-code solutions is comfortable. They are faster to get and easier to learn and use. Power Platform is fast to develop at a reasonable price. It is a great strategy for a successful digital transformation regardless of business size.

However, challenging ideas for low code need a professional boost to realize them. Feel free to directly discuss with our experts how Power Platform can improve your activities and make work processes easier. Or dive into each element on your own to discover how you can benefit from Power Platform even more.

Please feel free to get in touch.

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