First movers: using Power Platform to automate internal HR operations


Despite the pandemic, Global Mediator is expanding rapidly. In order to manage the talent growth, digitize HR operations, consolidate the community and manifest the company’s authenticity, we sparked off the launch of the internal HR portal. To achieve the outcome that would satisfy all of our needs, the project team had to attain the following objectives:

▶Digitize and automate numerous internal HR activities.

▶Develop a customizable website as a Power Apps portal and adjust its functionality for our corporate needs. Develop specific HR-focused applications and integrate them into the corporate portal. Build a single-source information platform.

▶Creatively communicate the motivating HR branding messages. Introduce attractive, user-friendly design to end users – the team.

▶Use all possible advantages and capabilities of the MS Power Platform as a promising but novel technology with the user documentation still being developed.

▶Grant access rights to the users according to the security regulations.

Olesya Lukyanenko

Director of Talent at Global Mediator

“The journey to the company website first felt like collecting pieces of a puzzle. The team was moving in the right direction by exploring the technology, sometimes blindfolded, and upskilling to discover the winning algorithm and construct the solution.”



In order to achieve cost-effectiveness and benefit from the application of the Microsoft Solutions Stack, the team chose Power Platform as the technology to meet the project's challenges. Hands-on experience of the MS innovative product was gained through the pioneering efforts without clarifying set-up documentation.


Used Dataverse that is natively integrated with the Power Apps portal and Power Apps to leverage all the necessary data from SharePoint and other sources. The engineers seized the Power Platform components and developed a robust corporate website.


The company’s online community centred around one internal portal that is:

• Well-structured and informative. The UI as the real contact point between the users and the application is intuitive. The HR branding with space and science fiction motives is inspiring and projects the company’s culture. As a result, the portal is both a corporate and social communications platform.

• Unifies and categorizes the corporate data for team members like company policies, requests, and document libraries. The information is accessible, structured, and secured in a single repository.

• Embeds diverse Power Apps-based applications such as My Profile, Our Team, Time Off Requests, Document Library for the HR procedures.


The HR paperwork was automated: scheduling follow-ups, revising vacation requests, making calculations and similar operations are 4 times faster now. The HR specialists can concentrate on a higher-level agenda.


Careful attention is paid to the newcomers. The onboarding flows are personalized: the meeting schedules and task lists are automatically appointed by the system and shown on the profile pages for a smooth adaptation to the corporate activities.


To see the full-scale corporate canvas, the dynamic organization chart is embedded in the website. The newcomers navigate easily through the teammates’ allocations, email addresses, and instant Teams meeting scheduling.


The information displayed for the users is classified depending on the positions and access rights. The users’ personal data are visualized and easy to perceive.

Technologies behind the project

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

Nicolai Krarup

COO at Global Mediator
“We aspired to have a powerful tool to maintain our authenticity and transmit our culture online, a corporate HR portal to keep the teams involved despite working from home. Naturally, as a Microsoft tech stack company, we referred to Power Platform as a groundbreaking technology.”


unified corporate platform
faster - automation increased HR activities
engineers on the project

About our customer

Global Mediator is an award-winning Danish software engineering house with a development center in Kyiv that helps companies to adjust their processes and operations to the rapidly evolving corporate world. As a competent value creator, Global Mediator improves customer experience by transforming and rationalizing business practices.

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