Cloud resources to facilitate and accelerate application development and delivery
Building on strategies of reasonable investments and flexible infrastructure

Global Mediator was born in ‘the cloud’ back in 2012. We have repeatedly argued that the companies that leverage the latest technology to new levels of proactivity, without being unnecessarily exposed to long-term investments, have a higher chance of survival. Working with a scalable and flexible infrastructure is an essential part of the belief.

Harnessing the benefits of MS Azure to help our customers

While we use other cloud service providers too, we have a clear advantage of helping our customers, streamlining their business processes based on the Microsoft Azure possibilities: strong security policies, enhancement of the user-server communication, seamless integrations with Microsoft ecosystem products, as well as great flexibility.

Boosting business operations with extensive experience in Azure

With hands-on experience in Microsoft Azure, as well as in Azure Active Directory, our software engineers help strengthen our customers’ infrastructure and operations. We build solutions with Azure Functions, including our products UI Builder for Business Central and Jira Connector for BC, with the proper understanding of the issue to be improved, as well as clean, upgradeable code and minor modification of the original business app.

How we help customers

Bring innovation to customer’s system and boost the applications’ portability and scalability to make it more responsive and competitive

Give new life to tired business applications by making them SaaS ready and by moving old functionality to Azure

Assist in solving any business challenges – big and small – more rapidly with automated business processes and more

Develop customer specific solutions that utilize secure cloud-based access to the systems – anywhere and from any device

Accelerate integration of applications necessary for better internal and cross-organizational communication

Business Central customization and integration for a digital freight forwarder

Technologies behind the scene

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

We work with

We are always open to discussing your case and collaborating.

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