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Data Management

Incorporating data management frameworks to secure well-reasoned and data-driven decision-making

Why us

Global Mediator knows that reliable data, with the right people, at the right time, are the key competitive parameters in a world moving at an ever-higher pace. The Data Management services that we provide comprise the full data lifecycle demands of small and medium-size enterprises, enabling them to move towards a “single source of truth” that makes it possible to manage their business better.

Global Mediator’s practices

Global Mediator deals with the development, maintenance and execution of relevant policies, procedures and practices that help make businesses more consistent at all data tiers

Designing and implementing efficient procedures for handling (collecting, warehousing, cleaning, storing, analysing, mining, and integrating) data securely and cost-efficiently

Designing and analysing data architectures

Managing databases, data quality, and meta-data

Migrating and/or converting data to new platforms

Building APIs and integrations

Building data entry systems and applications

Visualising data and building BI portals

What you get

More businesses tend to use multiple data sources in the era of distributed architecture as a basis for decision-making. Combining these sources with ERP solutions that are oftentimes out of sync with the kind of data structure necessary for analysis, AI and Machine Learning can be challenging. Global Mediator embraces various methods to provide a solid technological and administrative framework throughout the data lifecycle:

Data analysis and scoping study

Developing strategies for data optimisation

Data preparation, conversion, implementation, and validation

Data migration and verification

Data integrity optimisation (using APIs, RPAs, Rapise)

Data warehousing (Azure, GCP, AWS, MySQL, SQL)

Developing the analytics, usage, and performance reports

How we help customers

Adding more value to businesses by keeping the data relevant through its optimisation, modernisation, and conversion

Cutting overhead expenses due to the reduction of the data errors

Empowering businesses to promptly address their needs due to the enhanced data quality and organisation

Creating a “single source of truth” for organisations by using modern data warehousing solutions for better security, optimised data storage and access

Improving corporate decision-making by deriving crucial business insights from the warehousing analytical capabilities

Technologies behind the service

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

Case studies on Data Management

Enhancing portal UI for a global shipbroker company using ASP.NET Core
First movers: using Power Platform to automate internal HR operations
Out-of-the-box IT engineering for autonomous fleet

Enhancing portal UI for a global shipbroker company using ASP.NET Core

We work with

ERP Dynamics
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