Enhancing portal UI for a global shipbroker company using ASP.NET Core


In search of a strong software engineering house Maersk Broker, a reputable shipbroker, contracted Global Mediator to reboot the company’s internal portal and expand its functionality. Our team had to apply new technology standards, upgrade the .NET Core architecture, revitalize the portal’s UI, and much more. The portal’s digital revival meant responding to the following challenges:

• Connect all parts of the operational process – main platform and 4 niche portals – into one ecosystem that is secure, stable, and responsive to the company’s everyday needs. Convenience for end-users was set up as a top priority.

• Apply best practices to the existing architecture and project’s tech stack to ensure high speed of operations.

• Make their current platform’s UI intuitive, effective, and powerful to end-users of the system.

• Resolve an issue with users’ access: our focus was on adding non-company users to the internal system. The possibility to submit charter requests through the company’s internal system for external users had to be in place.

• Reorganize a large amount of data to make it well-structured and easier to process: to visualize information with charts and other elements based on a set of parameters.

Bo Steen Nyegaard

Senior Director, Head of Digitalisation/IT

“As we had a clear vision of our project’s functionality, we needed to look for an IT partner with deep engineering expertise. Best practices had to be applied to make UI of the internal system as efficient as possible.”



Our engineering team has switched all internal portals to ASP.NET Core technology to support fast and secure cloud web application development. Best tech practices have been applied to Maersk’s platform for ship owners and charterers as well as other portals within their corporate ecosystem.


Data is safe since access is authorized. The team configured Azure Active Directory to fix any authentication issues. The authorized non-company users now have stable access to the internal portal.


Responsiveness and convenience are the key benefits of hosting services on MS Azure and this project is not an exception. The user-server communication was speeded up and streamlined, worldwide access was granted. As the result, the users’ performance improved.


The workflow was standardized. The team used Azure Logic Apps to set automated processes and activate commands for messages with the correct timing. Users’ time and efforts were reduced dramatically.


Global Mediator’s expertise with Meta UI has made it possible to find a comprehensive solution for the UI issues. For example, the data visualization was refined. The users can easily access the necessary documentation and export it in various formats. Any charts and calculations are at hand whenever they are necessary.


The corporate style guides were implemented to unify the portals’ UI design. The renovated UI literally made the users’ daily routine easier. Due to Vue.js Framework and Single Page Application concept, the UI became more responsive and effective, appealing, and easier to grasp. The user experience enhanced significantly.

Technologies behind the project

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

Bo Steen Nyegaard

Senior Director, Head of Digitalisation/IT

“The result, as well as the process of our cooperation with Global Mediator, has met our expectations and even more. The team was tech-savvy and diligent in our requirements providing effective engineering solutions. Our first project 4 years ago has grown into a successful ongoing relationship.”


IT engineers on the project
unified corporate portals expanded/ developed from scratch
platform response speed improved

About our customer

Maersk Broker is one of the leaders in the shipbroking market and operates within all sizes and segments of tonnage. The company caters globally to all shipbroking requirements from ship owners, charterers, shipbuilders, to financial institutions and banks. Maersk Broker started as a small operation in 1914 with only 5 employees and deservedly evolved into 18 offices and 250 staff members worldwide now.

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