Technical Business Consulting

Get the most out of your business applications by building on our experience in optimizing your technology platform

The Technical Business Consulting services provided by Global Mediator leverage the latest technical insights and assess the customer’s opportunities to offer the best technological solution with a particular focus on business output.

Personal approach and workshops

We take a personal approach to each customer and hold requirements workshops before onboarding the new projects. We thoroughly examine the requirements to prevent software errors at the earliest stages and cut costs that may occur if the requirements get misinterpreted at the very start of the solution development.

Why do clear requirements matter?

Global Mediator sees clear software requirements as a backbone of a successful development process. The updateable document clearly elaborates the scope of work to be completed and aligns the customers’ needs with the features to be developed. This single source of truth for both parties – the development team and the customers – considerably decreases the costs for fixing bugs in the future and, to a certain extent, accelerates the launch of the viable solution.

The aim of the requirements workshops

Define the project’s objectives (product backlog), along with the specific steps to achieve them (user stories), resulting in a common and actionable vision of the product

Prioritize the requirements presented in the product backlog to set a clear, result-oriented, and completely customizable workflow – for the principal features of the project to be realized before implementing the minor ones

As a result of the workshop, the customer receives a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for the initial months of development, or an Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Workshop's advantages

• Substantially improve the accuracy of estimates and deliveries

• Significantly increase project success rate

• Contribute to developers’ productivity

• Prioritize tasks instead of spending time on non-value-adding features

• Provide comprehensive knowledge transfer sessions that help reduce costs at further stages

In the era of digital transformation and data-driven decisions, the Technical Business Consulting services from Global Mediator help unite technologies and processes with ideas and people. Global Mediator utilizes the synergy of technical expertise and a thorough understanding of business mechanisms to turn them into customers’ financial results.

How we help customers

Enable organizations to develop and follow a digital transformation roadmap, focusing on strong business processes. Help businesses accelerate the digitization pace

Provide cost-efficient solutions for businesses to help keep up with the latest technologies in the ever-changing landscapes of modern businesses

Leverage years of experience to successfully develop and implement solutions for businesses – leaving less room for errors and downtimes

Revitalize businesses with a holistic approach – seeing the big picture, considering the smallest details

Help harness the potential of technological innovations and boost business competitiveness

Technologies behind the service

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

Process mapping (brown paper exercise)
Post-Its Notes methods
Intense collaborative scope discussions (2-3 days)

Rapid versatility with the Credit Hound

D365 BC Connector

We work with

ERP Dynamics
ERP Dynamics
ERP Dynamics

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