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Rapid versatility with the Credit Hound D365 BC Connector


As relevant data is one of the most valuable assets for credit control, our partner – Draycir – has invited Global Mediator to develop a two-way connector for Credit Hound software and Dynamics 365 Business Central. At the beginning of the collaboration, the following goals were defined as the most important to reach:

• To provide fast productivity with an exchange of heavy data loads from cloud-based Business Central to Credit Hound and backward.

• To grant users access to modify the set of parameters for the data exchange between applications manually.

• To empower users to gracefully handle updates of their ERP-system in the future without the developer's help.

• The newly built connector should be fully optimized to the current version of Credit Hound.

• To maintain CI/CD during all stages of the development process.

Chris Hazeldine

Global Sales & Marketing Director

"The speed of data exchange is essential for advanced credit control. The idea of a connector is rather simple, but clean execution required profound skills and knowledge. Global Mediator's team has understood our needs from the very beginning. We felt a strong bond in technical expertise as well."



The connector is fully versatile, enabling fast and smooth data exchange between Business Central, Credit Hound, as well as the reverse direction. The architecture is built through web API.


Easy access to the connector is provided via the user's credentials as well as access to the Business Central. It highlights the user-friendliness of the system.


The priority of data changes is predefined according to the project's requirements, putting Credit Hound as the single source of truth.


To get better speeds on uploads, the system refreshes only modified data saving precious time and enables them to be continuously connected to the relevant data updates.


Users can select the required fields to be refreshed, synchronizing them with a time frame – even from 5 sec or less. Simultaneous synchronization for several companies is also foreseen and provided with the Credit Hound D365 BC Connector.


Quality Assurance methodology was applied along with all project's phases and supported bug-free development.


All code elements have been prepared for Azure DevOps as a tool for maintaining the development lifecycle – based on that project's Git repository was created.

Technologies behind the project

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

.NET Core 3.1 - F#, C#, WPF, Windows Service

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Chris Hazeldine

Global Sales & Marketing Director

"We are happy with the results Global Mediator has provided for us. It is everything we wanted and expected. I'm sure it's not the last projects we are doing together."


IT engineers on the project (including QA-engineer)
seconds or less synchronization time
faster primary synchronization of heavy data loads

About our customer

Draycir is an award-winning UK software development company that provides practical solutions to real business problems – helping businesses to reduce their environmental impact, cut costs and bad debt, and improve cash flow. Credit Hound by Draycir is the powerful credit control software that uses automation to streamline current processes of the business. Based in Leicester, UK, there are currently more than 85,000 users of the company's software in the UK and worldwide.

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