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Cloud migration made easy with Discovery X-ray:

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June 19, 2024

Why knowing the foundation matters

Are you still unsure how to move from on-premises ERP to the cloud?

For some, the mere uncertainty of what it takes to migrate from NAV to Business Central can prevent them from even getting started.

Migrating an existing solution to a modern one requires some form of detailed planning. Getting started can be challenging if the organizational memory of what is in that solution has changed over the years. The challenge is a little similar to buying a house to renovate. You would like to know the condition of the building before you commit your savings, wouldn’t you?

Analyze your NAV/BC with Discovery X-ray
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Knowing the condition of the building allows you to make choices about your plans. One end of the scale could be that the situation is so bad that you start over and build new. The opposite end of the scale would be that you only need to make cosmetic changes.

The truth is often in between the above two scenarios, but no matter what, knowing what you are facing is paramount to making the right decision. A decision that will ensure you can enjoy new comfortable surroundings without breaking the bank.

“In today’s digital landscape, cloud migration is not an optional but a critical strategic move for businesses striving to remain at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Embracing the full potential of cloud solutions brings various benefits like enhanced agility, efficient workflows and operations, and swift business growth.”

- Nicolai Krarup, COO at Global Mediator

Acknowledging possible cloud migration risks

The Microsoft NAV and Business Central partners and customers considering the transition to the cloud should remain realistic and understand several challenges, that, among other things, they may face during cloud migration.

Customization conflicts

ERP systems tend to get layered with customizations and modifications over time. Not assessing them before the cloud migration begins, will likely make businesses face compatibility issues with the new cloud version. Missing this clarity firsthand endangers the cloud migration roadmap and results in potential missteps in the migration process

Cloud migration cost overruns

A good cloud migration plan is critical. Poor planning can result in underestimating the resources and costs that cloud migration projects can eventually consume. Overall, unexpected challenges, delays, and budget overruns impact the financial health of the business greatly.

Possible gaps in functionality

caused by unsupported features in the new system. The features or functionalities that seem to run in the old system perfectly may end up unsupported and, as a result, fail in the cloud version of the ERP. Not identifying and addressing these variations before the migration can lead to unexpected and serious gaps in functionality.

Business process disruptions

Once a business decides to migrate NAV to Business Central, a cloud version, such a transition naturally involves changes to the existing business processes. Without an accurate and deep analysis of these processes, businesses are likely to overlook critical dependencies and, for this reason, experience disruptions to operations.

In navigating the challenges, a clear cloud migration roadmap and the right tools become crucial for a smooth and successful transition.

Professionally conducted in an optimal and well-planned way, cloud migration opens untapped potential and unthinkable opportunities for business development.

Learn 5 critical pitfalls to avoid

when migrating your NAV solution to BC cloud

Cloud migration runs smoothly if it is predictable and well-planned.

Use the whitepaper based on our hands-on experience with cloud migrations to see how Global Mediator can address each of these 5 critical obstacles with specific approaches and packages we offer.

Clearing out the plan: analyzing your ERP before cloud migration

Now, before you start moving your on-premises ERP solution to the cloud, ask yourself: do you truly recognize the amount and severity of modifications that your ERP has accumulated over time?

As company staff or suppliers change over time, businesses often lose the organizational solution memory. Thus, they end up facing gaps in understanding system modifications and configurations. That is why initial transparency and clarity for cloud migration projects are not merely optional.

At Global Mediator, we know first-hand that a comprehensive analysis of your system's current state is critical for surprise-free cloud migration. For a deeper insight into ERP modifications, and, as a result, a transparent cloud migration plan for our customers and partners, we use Discovery X-ray.

Using Discovery X-ray as the first step to a clear cloud migration plan

As a key component of Stairway to Cloud, our cloud migration suite, Discovery X-ray uncovers an ERP’s modifications and the potential risks they bear for cloud migration.

In essence, the package is about an automated assessment of customers’ current ERP code before moving the system to the cloud. This analytical overview package helps to comprehensively estimate the compatibility between the customer’s current ERP system and the newer version for predictable cloud migration.

“Based on many projects, Global Mediator has developed a distinct mindset about what a good migration process should consider.

From our experience, one can rarely run a successful cloud migration without conducting a proper upfront analysis of an old ERP. We also increasingly observe that good analysis of what to migrate and how to migrate can only be made when the customer can combine a detailed analysis of past modifications with a decent understanding of how the solution will look in the new BC.”

- Nicolai Krarup, COO at Global Mediator

Categorizing ERP modifications for a smooth transition

We analyze the modifications within Discovery X-ray as per Business Central functional areas. A complete list of the modified objects explicitly categorized as easy, medium, or hard, is provided in a delta file which is easy to navigate, filter, and interpret. We use these categories to estimate the transfer to a more recent ERP version.

Armed with these tangible results and a deep understanding of how challenging each of the modifications is to migrate to the cloud (and, what is more, whether it should be moved at all), customers can stay ahead of the curve: optimize resource allocation and plan each step with better precision.

Discovery X-ray is more than just an insight. Leveraged at the pre-migration stage, it is a winning hand for minimizing risks in a cloud migration process. With its precise project awareness capabilities, Discovery X-ray can be used later to develop a clear, detailed cloud migration plan, surprise-free: with proper asset management, well-planned cost of moving to the cloud, and realistic project duration.

Trading old blueprints for tailored roadmaps

Considering the above, it is obvious that a successful cloud migration relies on an upfront clarity of an ERP condition and balanced planning.

Backed by the Discovery X-ray’s practicality, businesses start their journey to cloud transformation securely and confidently. From gaining a clear vision of their ERP system to categorizing modifications and minimizing cloud migration risks, Discovery X-ray becomes a wise starting point on your cloud migration roadmap. It also becomes a turning point in developing a smooth and future-proof cloud strategy that will later drive your business ahead.

Cloud migration runs smoothly if it is predictable and well-planned.

Ready to lay the first brick for a successful ERP renovation?

So, are you ready to take the first step towards cloud migration success? Contact Global Mediator for a sample report (delta file with categorized modifications) to see how Discovery X-ray works and schedule a personalized consultation. Together, we will get a complete understanding of what you are dealing with and of what should (or not) be moved forward and how.

Jumpstarting your cloud migration with Discovery X-ray is like trading in your old worn-out home for a new one, with all modern amenities. Imagine knowing that all elements are stable and that ongoing maintenance is a gradual process of small steps, rather than sudden major changes.

It's possible that you think your current home gives you a place to live. But admit it – having to worry about the building crashing down on you, every time you try to make a change is likely not that comfortable in the long run.

So, how about enhancing the quality of your accommodation?

Start cloud migration with a detailed analysis.

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