How we hire!

Joining our team is about growth and collaboration.
We look forward to getting to know you better through our interview steps and hope to welcome you aboard soon!
CV Application

The journey begins by sending your CV. We encourage you to include a cover letter to explain your interest in the position as well as highlight your skills and experience.


30-min call with Recruiter to understand your background, experiences, and values. Get ready to talk about your skills and ambitions. It's the first step to know each other better.

Tech Interview

Show us what you've got! During this interview, we will dive into your expertise and practical skills. It's all about mutual growth and support, both in your role and within our company.

Hiring Interview

It's the final stage where you'll talk with the Delivery Director and HR about motivations, and the input you can bring to the company. Plus, you'll get a deeper insight into our team, projects, and role responsibilities.


Business Applications Team Lead

Here is a tip from Oleksandr.

What do you pay attention to during the hiring interview?

Confidence in a person. To be correct, it is important to know what you are doing and demonstrate it. Honesty in answers. Lying is pointless because it will be discovered eventually. Communication skills. Our management style is flat and our employees often have direct contact with customers. Curiosity. The lack of questions reveals poor engagement in work in general.


Business Aplications Architect

Read a teammate's advice before the interview.

What advice could you give to new applicants whenever they apply for a vacancy on your team?

Be prepared - don't assume you'll pass an interview merely because you have the skills to talk about things, are persuaded, or are approachable. Be friendly. Communication is crucial, but a friendly atmosphere can sometimes enable us to overlook errors or ignorance in certain areas. Don't be afraid to admit when you're wrong. Nobody knows everything and forgets things, so don't hesitate to express your lack of knowledge or disagreement with the interviewer. Asking - if you don't understand a question or are not sure how to do a task better, ask and discuss. Good luck!

What is the focus of your attention during the interview for a job?

The way people comprehend job requirements and how they fit into the experience. Don't hesitate to apply for a job even if there are some technology gaps. Our objective is to evaluate a person's ability to learn. The interviewee's confidence, honesty of answers, quick Google searches, and structured answers are all important factors. The way people handle hypothetical problems or scenarios related to the job.


QA Lead

It's a short and practical advice from the Team Lead.

What suggestions would you give to new applicants when they apply for a job opening in your team?

We understand how stressful an interview can be, so we have provided interview materials before the interview, and we are waiting for people who have experience to refresh their knowledge. If no experience then basic information can be found on the internet to be prepared.


Senior QA Engineer

Go ahead and take benefit from her advice.


Director of Talent

Know better what the HR team values.

What advice could you give to new applicants whenever they apply for a vacancy in your team?

Never doubt yourself - it's better to try and get an experience (even if it means dealing with denial), especially when it's about your dream job. But also, be honest about things you don't know - no need to pretend, live your true life and just strive to get better each day.


.Net Team Lead

Be ready to interview by knowing this hint.

What do you pay attention to during the hiring interview?

It is hard to say the exact things we look at. Although existing technical (hard) skills and experience are important, within the team we believe that soft skills, passion for development, and desire to learn and bring new technologies are crucial. For this reason, we try to get an overall view of the candidates and understand whether they first of all fit the team as a person and after that what they could bring us from a technical perspective.

Feeling like a perfect match for our team?