We're focusing on creating diversity in IT by showing broad context of women’s impact on the industry.
Meet with some of our ladies on board by reading their stories as a part of project #womenintech.

Senior Business Applications Developer

Say hello to our Romanian teammate Andreea.

How does it feel to be a woman engineer on a team that mostly consists of males?

Since I decided to start an IT career I was surrounded mostly by men. In college we were only 3 girls. Then at my first job, I was the only girl in the team (which was not that bad, somehow, I felt protected, especially when it was about networking classes). I think it does not matter the gender, what matters is the professionalism we work with.


Senior Business Applications Developer

Meet Olena - our 10-year anniversary teammate from Ukraine.

A piece of advice you would pass on to ladies considering a career in engineering?

Recognizing one's own value is a challenging task for many women. Even if we know that we have certain abilities women often underestimate their skills. However, IT engineering is the area where a lot of young, progressive, open-minded, smart, and cool people are involved. This is the territory where you may feel like a surfer on a wave of innovative technologies. It is a dynamically evolving industry that opens many doors for different competencies. So, I think girls should try IT and I am almost sure that they will enjoy it.


QA Engineer

Let's meet up! It's our teammate Viktoriia from Ukraine.

What or who inspires you as a professional?

What inspires me the most is the feeling of becoming a better version of myself. I find inspiration in surrounding people who are more experienced, acknowledged, and skillful than me. I feel so grateful to be a part of such a loving Global Mediator company. It’s the very place and atmosphere that drives me to keep working and giving my best result.


Business Applications Consultant

Meet Georgiana-Rodica, our Romanian teammate.

What challenges do you find the most motivating in your role as a tech specialist?

To always find a way to explain the knowledge I achieve to others and of course, to achieve new knowledge all the time.

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