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Our commitments during COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Working remotely is part of our business and we remain available online, even as we take the needed precautions.

By Nicolai Krarup

The changes made and precautions taken with regards to COVID-19 over the past week have been hard to keep up with – it is truly an exceptional situation. At Global Mediator, we have followed these events closely to ensure that we do what is required to protect those most at risk and help to reduce the load on health services. And, at this point, none of our team members appear to have been directly affected by the virus.

We have been following the WHO guidelines and introduced these to our team repeatedly. This, of course, is leading to a sharp rise in the purchasing of hand sanitizer, hand soap, paper towels and cleaning wipes both for equipment and hands. As a rather social organization, implementing ‘social distancing’ has been challenging. Still, cutting back on face-to-face greetings, seminars, meetings, and social interactions have been implemented. Even if these are hard times, some of these changes may help to keep us more healthy in the long term.

Working remotely is part of our business and we remain available online

As events impact people, families and businesses, we have become increasingly aware that we are a rather fortunate organization. In essence, it is the nature of our business to work remotely for our customers. We have relatively spacious offices with some separate rooms ensuring that people can keep their distance when they want to. Our entire IT infrastructure has been designed to be secure and GDPR compliant, ensuring that our people can effectively work from home. So, the nature of our business means that we are in a better position than most to continue our day-to-day operations on a ‘relatively normal’ basis. This while our team take the needed precautions and consideration.

Over the next few months, we will continue to monitor the situation closely – stay alert to new developments that may cause us to change our thinking or modify our plans. At the same time, we feel that it is paramount that we continue to work hard for our customers, our people and their families. We will continue servicing our customers as always, and push forward with our plans for the company with new initiatives for Meta UI, QA, marketing and IT security, e.g., our internal ISO 27001 audit should also move ahead.

We hope you are well and to see you online in the meantime, please keep safe and please work to keep your community safe.

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