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How to significantly boost the Business Central user experience

March 20, 2023

Adding icons, colors, customizing rows and more to Business Central increases the speed with which you process data and secures a better overview. Often, it also reduces the number of data entry errors.

That is the key focus of UI Builder for Business Central, an advanced Global Mediator’s product based on .NET. It recharges daily BC processes with refined visualization capabilities.

Customer requests pushed us to create a product that makes everyday interaction with BC data more efficient. In essence, we needed to extend the possibilities of standard BC pages by customizing their UI as per users’ needs. We aimed to enhance user interaction with vast amounts of data to get more business insights faster.

In this blog post, we give you the top 6 advantages of UI Builder for Business Central that reshape the user experience in Business Central. We are certain that after you try it, you will have more of them to share, too.

1. Tame massive volumes of information

The add-on’s visualizing and grouping features widen the limits of standard BC pages. Thus, the UI Builder for Business Central users optimize bulky data tables. Eventually, you get neat and concise columns, customized and expanded rows, and embedded UI Builder for Business Central components. A few clicks and voilà - you end up scrolling, let’s say, 20 dynamic columns of data instead of a hundred that it used to be.

2. Customize BC pages with ease

The functional Admin Portal of UI Builder for Business Central is the engine where you customize BC pages’ UI with your most desired personal accents. Here you manage permissions and subscriptions and set personal configurations for specified users. Also, here you add HTML code to embed Power BI reports or converters into expandable rows or tooltips.

Use the Portal to insert links to external websites, set formulas, and add related pages to either a column or a row. Run colorful conditional styling for the data rows and columns, filter information, and add custom text and icons. The extra emphasis on key points maximizes your tailor-made dashboard-like interface.

3. Make decisions faster through better visuals

The human brain digests visuals many times faster than any other type of information. That is why UI Builder for Business Central relies on enhanced visualization to turn data into a direct competitive advantage.

Businesses catch more patterns in the data, notice mistakes and analyze insights faster. With the data that UI Builder for Business Central reorganizes and highlights on hand, they optimize the planning overview in Business Central. This enables them to make decisions and take action faster to pursue business goals better.

4. Seamless user experience at every click

In UI Builder for Business Central, the users enjoy a seamless user experience, a “one-click magic”. It’s a sophisticated .NET/AL expertise that fuels this magic and brings it to the users. From first clicking the Next button and giving permission for installation and integration to using it every day. You don’t need extra tweaks to integrate the two independent systems.

Users enjoy the feeling about working within a single application. They can jump to the admin account on a separate page, make edits, and see the changes straight away. Seamlessness also implies an easy change of the client subscription details by drag-and-dropping the elements in the admin account. The system then smoothly adapts to the configurations set by the admin and displays the settings.

If any error occurs on the product’s side, “one-click magic” also allows to disable the application easily and switch to the default BC page interface. Without the slightest threat to the user’s operations.

“We used the .NET/AL tandem as a style of our work. A philosophy that makes each box checked by the user trigger the processes in the background. A user doesn’t see that or experience any stress.

UI Builder for Business Central is a customer-oriented solution. One button to enable/disable the application eliminates the unnecessary clicks, tweaks, and extra configurations.”

- Dmitriy Shapoval, .NET Lead at Global Mediator
5. Scale up UI Builder for Business Central easily to drive more results

The microservices architecture is the backbone of UI Builder for Business Central. It means the possibility to scale up the solution if necessary. As one example, businesses can enrich UI Builder for Business Central, with .NET under its hood, with real-time dashboards for performance monitoring. These turn into an invaluable instrument for process tracking once you set them up according to specific business needs.

Currently, we are using such dashboards as an internal solution. Among others, to check service availability, the RAM volume that cloud services consume, and process active users. If any errors occur, we get respective notifications via MS Teams. So, this integration aligns the users with any changes so they could address them immediately.

Monitoring is a great feature for distributed system architectures. It raises awareness of the processes under the hood of every interconnected piece of the system. Such cloud functionality troubleshoots business processes when it comes to analysis and responsiveness.

6. Security and cost-efficiency

The solution's microservices architecture scores over monolithic solutions, considerably reducing maintenance bills. It’s also a bonus for security as it follows security standards in software development – we do not keep users’ sensitive data. With the bunch of the technologies we have applied to create UI Builder for Business Central, you may rest assured that your data is safe.

As a crucial asset of any modern business, data might turn into a mess without proper polishing. UI Builder for Business Central can help you make a significant difference in how data visualization guides your business. Give a go to UI Builder for Business Central with its visualization and grouping tools. Tap into hidden values in your business data every day to push better decision-making.

One of the most interesting features of the UI Builder for Business Central technology is that we have built it in such a way that the functionality can be expanded. So, if you face needs in Business Central that are not met with the current version of UI Builder for Business Central, do not hesitate to reach out and find out what is possible.

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