Director of Global Delivery

· Grateful the team believed in him and this new beginning 10 years ago

· Sees a sense of humour as a vital skill for teammates

· Anything is possible with the right team by your side

1. Do you remember the first days in the team?

Everything was new to us, and we could not know whether it would work out. We needed to arrange so many things – from software and PCs to minor things like snacks and coffee. I didn’t want to distract the team from their projects. So, Christian, Nicolai, and I were managing the operational tasks. There is this thing about me – and it’s a good one I guess – I often push myself out of my comfort zone. I like new challenges. I take the fight, come what may. I intended to leave my previous job before we started Global Mediator, having no guarantees whether the guys would follow me. Of course, I hoped they would. And I’m grateful they believed in me and this new beginning. But in fact, when I was quitting my previous job, I was staking everything I had back then. Everyone in the team had a choice and knew that such a step implied risk. The next day we started, we had to buy laptops – we had nothing. I also had to do recruiting interviews at first. I had to deal with project management also (by the way, Jira has proven to be an efficient and cost-effective solution). It was a great deal of responsibility: the team followed me, and I had no right to fail them. A feeling of great responsibility. I didn’t know Christian and Nicolai very well back then. But from the very beginning, I tried to learn from Nicolai’s strategic vision and planning. Christian energises people around him, he practices what he preaches. On top of that, he is very experienced and optimistic. The way he believed in me was astonishing and very inspiring – from the very beginning. Now I try to apply the approach to our newcomers. They need this support and freedom too.

2. What are the biggest challenges about your work?

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that Christian, Nicolai, and I have a different vision on how things should be done. That’s the beauty of the situation – we complement each other. From the very beginning, some took care of the strategic tasks more whilst others concentrated on practical things. We talked a lot to find the common denominator. Also, communication with customers. At Global Mediator we started doing that in a different way. It was now direct communication that implied answering direct, acute questions. Before Global Mediator, communicating with customers, I had sales specialists, count, and division managers involved, too. Here, I was side by side with two people – Christian and Nicolai – both new to the Microsoft Dynamics community. So, it was us, the team and I, who were responsible for the expertise and the processes. Nicolai and Christian supported us greatly with their confidence. It was really inspiring.

3. What is your biggest passion for your work?

That’s simple. I want the team to have stability. This company is like my child. You don’t just leave your children, you care about them, don’t you? I mean I want the company to grow in all dimensions. So, I try to be of the most use. I share my experience (which happens to be considerable) to bring newcomers to a better level so that they have stability. It is a part of my life. That is why I work on buses and trains, at home at night and early in the morning. I am not doing this for my LinkedIn profile. I am doing this for the team having interesting projects, and for the business value of the whole company.

4. Can you describe your perfect team?

These have to be communicative people, first of all. Active people who vigorously accept challenges and are not afraid of making a mistake. Those stepping outside their comfort zone. This is extremely important. And it doesn’t matter how experienced these people are or how well they know English and technology. I feel very comfortable working with this kind of person. And a sense of humour. There is no point in responding in haste and being robots that cannot laugh and joke. Here is a story about a perfect team. A serious potential customer came to us with a 24-hour challenge. We had no idea what the task in the envelope was about, but we accepted the challenge. And we coped with the task. The team members then presented the results, not me as the team leader, nor Nicolai or Christian. The team was delegated to present. We did get the customer, by the way. What I mean by the story is that it was a perfect team in action. It was about openness, participation, readiness to help, and stepping out of the comfort zone. The situation was similar to the creation of Global Mediator itself. The same here. The guys took a risk and succeeded. It means responsibility. We strive to energise each other. The team is extraordinary. Anything is possible with these guys by your side.

5. How do you manage to keep a work-life balance?

First, I love going to work. I get there energised. Second, the gym. It helps to switch. Plus, I work out with the guys from the team – it’s double great. The evening training keeps you organised. Plus, socialising, since from the very beginning, we wanted the team to hang out together (we love board games). It's about family and kids. You simply feel this comfort. Still, I wish I had several extra hours per day. Or one more project manager to delegate.

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