Chief Executive Officer

· Motivated by sharing energy with people

· Inspired by live communication with colleagues

· Driven by the company itself and its sustainable development

1. Do you remember the first days in the team?

Before the creation of Global Mediator, I had never been to Ukraine. Now, a decade later, I still remember my first visit to Kyiv, as if it was yesterday, where I had to meet a group of NAV developers and team leads. I used to work with people from all over the world, so I was looking forward to meeting them. Wow, what an experience! Those first days with meeting the group and the one-to-one communication were a real eye-opener. I saw how much we shared on many levels – European values, sense of humour, a vision of our goals – and at the same time a mutual understanding of business. At the same time, they all had a great IT/NAV knowledge. So, I was ready to set up a business together with the group. 10 years later, many of that group are still a fundamental part of Global Mediator.

2. What do you miss the most about offline life?

I am not an online person. I miss the team because, with my energy level and social makeup, I work best with people around me. When ideas are discussed, when we are brainstorming, when we need energy in the room – I am 100% behind “in the same room”. The pandemic kept me away for 16 months from March 2020. I was stressed – but the Team managed to deliver 110.000 consulting hours to customers without me being there – fantastic, but I want to be there.

3. What is your biggest passion for your work?

Working with insightful, motivated, and committed colleagues. Developing and growing a business has always been a part of my life. In Global Mediator we have all the “elements” and I relish coming to the office and meeting my colleagues in person and seeing people communicate, seeing them enjoy their work and evolve with Global Mediator as a great part of their life. The company itself and its sustainable development inspire me. For me, this is a journey with no expiration date.

4. How do you manage to keep a work-life balance?

The balance for me is about socialising, working, and good physical and mental exercise. I never take vacations to relax, I take vacations to experience. I am never off – I always have my laptop or iPhone with me. I work every day and at the same time, I am off every day. It is all about time management and striking a balance between work and pleasure. But on the other hand, on holiday, I work less. Keeping myself in good shape and having the heart rate higher to burn off excess energy, as well as endorphins, have always been a central part of my life. It provides a good balance for a hyperactive person like me.

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