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Developing touch points for Business Central and AI/ML for a front-running fintech company


Kaunt, our partner, has invited Global Mediator to join an AI and machine learning project aimed at standardizing integrations between Kaunt’s Accounts Payable solution and MS Business Central. Global Mediator’s mission implied finding a touch point between the partner’s AI-powered platform and MS Business Central (including older versions such as NAV 2017/2018, BC13, etc.) – a new system to Kaunt – to successfully transmit the ERP data and make ML and AI operate in tandem. Therefore, the foremost objectives for Global Mediator were as follows:


Assist our partner in adopting and setting up the BC as the new system.


Develop a connector for the Business Central cloud version to make the ML and AI exploit the relevant ERP data for financial forecasting.


Adapt the newly built connector to the OCR plugin built into NAV/BC.

Jan Søe

Integration Lead

“As an organization, new to BC Integrations, we needed a partner well-versed in both the financial side of the ERP system and Business Central software engineering, of course. Cooperation with Global Mediator was a highly promising contribution to connect our native AI solution with our customers’ ERP.”



Global Mediator’s engineering team was engaged as the subject matter experts for Kaunt on the peculiarities of MS Business Central. The team leveraged their expertise and provided professional consulting services on MS Business Central setup and processes.


To help users automate the manual routine of Accounts Payable and harness the benefits of AI in Business Central, Global Mediator’s team developed the connector that makes the partner’s AI cloud platform and the newly adopted MS BC interact.

  • The connector now allows for processing the business data necessary for machine learning algorithms. The solution contributes to making processes more data-driven, powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Our solution helps to automatically fill up relevant data for purchase documents (primarily invoice and credit memo) including lines and dimensions. It is based on the collection of API calls (Get, Patch, and Post APIs) allowing the AI algorithm to make the proper suggestions for BC users. The algorithm is constantly being learnt by receiving the BC data.
  • To boost the information exchange between BC and Kaunt’s AI platform, as well as streamline ML algorithms for further financial forecasting, the team developed 23 API calls.

To expand machine learning possibilities for our partner, Global Mediator’s development engineers made the connector for different versions of BC compatible with Continia Document Capture. Now, the data from the scanned invoices are transferred to BC and then to the partner’s cloud machine which analyzes and evaluates the financial parameters.


Global Mediator’s team was responsible for the project’s architecture and the QA part.

Technologies behind the project

A snapshot of what we leverage to deliver best-of-breed solutions

MS Dynamics 365 Business Central


Jan Søe

Integration Lead

“The connector built by the Global Mediator’s team contributed greatly to our Integrations Project. The team’s expertise in Business Central development and their commitment to the project were impressive and accelerated the project realization.”


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About our customer

Kaunt is a front-running fintech company headquartered in Copenhagen. Founded in 2017, it has been helping ambitious finance departments harness AI to automate Accounts Payable processes. The company offers its native AI solution embedded into customers’ existing stack, making access to AI agnostic of current technology.

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