5 reasons to become Dynamics 365 BC Software Developer

July 2, 2019

Setting up a career plan in IT engineering? We recommend you to take a closer look at Dynamics BC Software Development

The moment you have decided to become a software engineer is the moment you have automatically signed for constant change and self-learning. A world where technology is rapidly evolving, new programming languages are introduced and pushed as the most valuable ones. It can be challenging in terms of career planning to define what direction to take and where to concentrate your efforts on.

At Global Mediator we recommend you to take a closer look at a Microsoft cloud-based ERP software solution – Dynamics 365 Business Central and grow your IT expertise in it. As the largest NAV/BC developer organization in Ukraine, we can name at least 5 reasons why you should become a Business Central Software Developer.

A stable environment

From our own experience at Global Mediator we know that a low hierarchy and high freedom/responsibility environment create a special bond between a developer and a customer. Direct dialogue with both sides helps not only to solve a variety of development issues, but to build a trusted partnership based on respect and mutual understanding. And if you feel a little challenged, some of the strongest developers in the field will be right next to help you grow. As you are involved into international projects, the financial remuneration will be competitive too.

Something new is always coming your way

As a trusted team member, you are at the epicenter of the customer’s business processes. Your tasks are evolving and changing together with the business. You are never bored with what you are doing as the code and procedures should be adjusted to the new business challenges. As a software developer, your curiosity and out-of-the-box mindset would be actively engaged while coding for Dynamics 365 Business Central. And it’s a good thing.

The power to make a difference

Your adjustments and developments in the code will influence the whole ERP system and a large number of people who are using it. The impact of your work is visible for everyone, including COOs and CFOs of the company. It’s a big responsibility but it’s a big power too. But to use this power you need to apply business approach to coding, understand your customer’s needs and sphere of business, plus constantly check if your way of thinking corresponds to the environment. As a BC Software Developer, you are not a “code-generating machine” but a solution-provider with a wide outlook on technology and business sphere in general.

“In a modern mobile-first, cloud-first world, the whole game and the engineering master craft is completely redefined. This world has a high demand for skilled and passioned engineers who are willing to reinvent intelligent business applications using the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platforms. Business applications are “cool” again.”

- Ievgenii Korovin, Engineering Manager at Microsoft Dynamics 365
Intuitive base of the system

Historically Microsoft’s ERP-solution was developed as a simple to use and easy to configure system that even end-users – accountants with no IT background – could handle. The solution has evolved and expanded dramatically with functions and extensions since then, but intuitive principles remain at its cornerstone even now. The solution isn’t hard to handle for an IT professional with an analytical thinking, but the legacy of the previous periods and interconnection of all procedures means that you never start with a blank piece of paper. There is always some kind of intriguing dependency to keep in mind.

AL Development Environment with Visual Studio Code

As a cloud-based ERP-solution, Business Central offers IT professionals an opportunity to use the AL Language and Visual Studio Code, the best-in-class tools for any developer. This convenient cross platform editor that is used for coding and debugging, is a dream for any dedicated IT specialist. Such features as organizing files by folder or project, using numerous extensions available for VS Code are only few advantages that we can name. The move to Visual Studio Code is new for Dynamics NAV/BC and is evolving with every release. A modern development environment makes your life as a Software Developer a joy. To sum up all above – Business Central development environment is very friendly that makes it so highly appreciated by IT developers.

You are the main driver of your future and your career depends only on you. If you are aiming for the top in the financial technology sector, at Global Mediator we recommend going deeper with Business Central software development and be at the edge of what ERP-world has to offer.

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