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Ongoing Support

Our support process for larger Microsoft Dynamics installations and ISV solutions are based on the following observations; Microsoft Dynamics rarely require 24/7 support, local support trumps centralized support in hands-on training and being able to focus the support team on deeper technical issues improves the quality.

For ‘I do not understand’ or 1st level support, we rely on e-learning tools such as ClickLearn to record, document and support all processes. Not only is this cost effective, but it enables us to create an on-line learning library as well as in solution assistance for most critical steps in Microsoft Dynamics, while ensuring conformity in application usage and data entry.

For ‘I need a workaround’ or 2nd level support, we of course accept the support ticket, but we increasingly promote local solutions to the extent possible as this improves both quality and response. Having freed up time for super user by implementing online tools for more trivial support tasks, we seek to enable them to perform hands-on training and solve issues locally as this is quicker.

For ‘I need it fixed’ or 3rd level support we not only work per support tickets, but implement a few logs in the solution that enable us to monitor blocks, deadlocks and even which part of the solution that is most frequently used as this enables us to take proactive initiatives. In this way, we can keep the performance of the solution tuned.

‘It crashed’ is luckily a rare support event in Microsoft Dynamics and there is rarely a need to have a support team sitting ready for such an occurrence. We can provide customers with an emergency number for such an event should it be needed, but so far it has not been used.

By standardizing support in this manner, we can reduce the hours of support operation and the number of expected tickets, this significantly reducing support cost over time.

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