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Lower cost

Over the years we’ve learned that the lowest hourly rates rarely guarantee the lowest total cost. Once you’ve factored in the added costs of time communicating and just making things work – costs that are difficult to pass on to customers – you can quickly watch your margins slip away. At Global Mediator, we’re keenly aware of such waste factors, and our approach keeps them to an absolute minimum.

We recognize that there is typically a perception of risk related to working with external partners – not only from the partner management teams, but also from the developers and consultants within the NAV reseller – and that this influence perception of cost. Having worked successfully with a number of partners and with strong references – we firmly believe that over time we have managed to become the low risk option!

Solution developers deliver value when they’re developing solutions – otherwise they are only costs. That’s why our approach is about injecting quality-engineering muscles straight into your development team – while avoiding the wasteful overhead. We thrive on opportunities to sharpen your competitive edge, and we know we can do it by applying our efficiency-boosting tools and expert development services, mainly out of Kiev.

We are usual able to reduce our clients’ project costs by 30–50%. Using our packaged solutions, some clients have realized savings up to 70%.

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