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Efficiency-boosting Tools

To help you improve quality, shorten project times and drive down the cost of developing solutions, we’ve compiled a “toolbox” of packaged solutions we can make available to our partners. Included are tools for automatically transforming Reports in NAV, tools for migrating data faster, and tools for automating elements of the laborious testing process. These tools are being used every day to help customers migrate to a more current version of their favorite ERP or CRM system.

As a development organization, we employ connectors from our task-tracking system to both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and our Team Foundation Servers in the cloud to ensure complete transparency with respect to both tasks and software versions. We combine this with continuous delivery methodology and automated testing to help our partners deploy new solutions faster and with better quality.

Not only are we great programmers with experience from hundreds of projects, we also understand how to tackle different issues that arise, suggest efficiency-boosting improvements along the way, and support your more general work to keep raising the bar.

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