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Capacity Scalability

If you’ve got an opportunity to win new clients or projects but don’t have the free capacity to get the work done, let us do it for you. Thanks to e-learning, an agile approach and scalable resources, we can supply optimized, tested and documented solutions – so that you can always say ‘yes’.

We build long-term partnerships with our clients to make sure we deeply understand the solutions we service. This approach makes us a particularly valuable partner for ISVs and companies with significantly modified Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

If you’re looking for a partner to turn to whenever you need help, we can supplement your team with experienced, quality-conscious developers who deliver on time and are happy to work with you directly. This straightforward approach gives you the agility you need, while anchoring decision-making in your project team and limiting the costly time you’d otherwise have to spend on management and documentation. The result? Quality on time at a lower total costs.

Over the years we’ve learned that the lowest hourly rates rarely guarantee the lowest total cost. Once you’ve factored in the added costs of time communicating and just making things work – costs that are difficult to pass on to customers – you can quickly watch your margins slip away. At Global Mediator, we’re keenly aware of such waste factors, and our approach keeps them to an absolute minimum.

So whether you need temporary help with individual projects, coverage during peak periods, or longer-term reinforcement of your development team, you can count on us to deliver every time.

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