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An Agile Approach

At Global Mediator we optimize our methodology to suit project and partner need.

We run SCRUM based projects when requirements are unclear such as when the solution needs to be prototyped first, transferred from another system (typically AX or C5), integrated to other technology and/or build using new technology. We run Kanban for support driven projects and waterfall (often on fixed price) when we have a clear requirement specification on known technology.

With SCRUM, we can provide maximum flexibility and high productivity with daily project status and bi-weekly project predictions. Kanban allows for a continuous flow of tasks, while waterfall allows us to provide a detailed project plan or budget prior to start.

No matter the methodology we choose; you will find that we are heavily inspired by the Agile Manifesto:

  • We priorities individuals and interactions highly, despite having developed strong processes and tools over the years.
  • We value well tested and working solutions over well documented ones, even as we advocate e-learning, strict version control and the CfMD program.
  • We consider ongoing collaboration paramount even while pursuing clear agreements and contracts with our partners.
  • We find that responding to change takes priority even as we apply the mantra of ‘Plan the work, work the plan’ to some of our projects.

Building on this mindset, we always seek to make partial deliveries as this provides opportunity for ongoing corrective actions during the project. Furthermore, we recommend a focus on the smallest set of features you can operate on, with further functionality added later, based on clear user needs from operating the implementation.

We are confident that these steps help to improve quality while significantly lower the overall cost of implementation. Are you ready to find out?

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