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Upgrade your solution

We can help you reduce the cost of the upgrade by more than 50%, modify the bespoke functionality and take it live for you – while you focus on building your repeatable business. In most cases we can do so for a fixed price agreed upon up front – saving you from time-consuming estimates and preliminary analysis.

We have incorporated several efficiency boosting methods in our up-grade process and even automated several steps in the process ourselves enabling us to deliver different types of up-grade services.

  • Report transformation where we transform your reports from Classic NAV to RDLC and ensure functionality despite changes in code-layer. Our semi-automatic transformation process combined with testing and our manual modifications (requires access to target environment) saves around 75% of the time normally invested in RDLC transformation.
  • Simple up-grades (for non-complex business models) is a data-driven process that moves required data (both master and posting) to a new target environment based on standard. Simple up-grades enable customers to work on their own data in a standard solution within days – they can later decide to build specific functionality. It eliminates the cost of analysis and emphasises value adding training and requirement workshops based on real data.
  • Standard up-grades (for non- to moderately complex business models) is a code and data driven process that moves required data as well as the functionality that is not in conflict with standard Dynamics NAV to a new target environment. It enables customers to maintain much of their existing functionality on a new version of Dynamics NAV within weeks while reducing the cost of analysis. It emphasises the benefit of moving existing functionality to a potentially better integrated environment.
  • Enhanced up-grades (for more complex business models) is a benefit drive process where functionality is reviewed and realigned with business needs and new Dynamics NAV functionality. It enables customers to redesign their solution to match functionality to the current business rather than the former business within months. By combining and redesigning best practice, it is close to a re-implementation.

In addition to taking you current, we can also run functionality-enhancement workshops and, of course, help you redesign or develop the technology you need to enable more complex functionality.

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