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CfMD and Validation

CfMD certification and the new validation requirements for Dynamics 365 can be time-consuming and expensive, taking valuable resources away from more mission-critical work. It must also be performed within a fixed time period and accommodate a variety of requirements starting from the first application to Microsoft for an object range.

We can help with our comprehensive CfMD Readiness services. Let us handle your certification, and we’ll define object ranges, review your code and test, document and arrange the required certification tests.

We can also streamline the review and validation process for AppSource, guiding you through the process or complete it for you i.e., verifying that your App meets the criteria of a SaaS App, register it, provide App information for submission and provide access for Microsoft to test the application.

Basically, we can manage everything but providing customer evidence and setting up your Pinpoint Solution Profile.

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