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Continous Delivery & Automated Testing

Working for larger installations and international ISV partners has enabled us to build practices around Continuous Delivery for Microsoft Dynamics, which means that our team can produce software in short cycles and reliably build, test, and release software faster and more frequently. The approach helps reduce the costs, time, and risks involved in delivering changes by allowing for more incremental updates to applications in production.

We maintain strict version control on the TFS, and build coded user-integration testing that can be built into a library of standard processes that can be reused when needed. Adding modified processes to the library after they have been tested manually enables us to compare actual testing outcomes with predicted outcomes. Coded user-integration tests enable us to write tests that encompass integration, regression and system testing via the user interface. Together with load testing, these tests can be run remotely and in the background after each new software build, or where multiple software implementations are deployed.

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