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Add-ons, Extensions and Apps

At Global Mediator, we have a strong background in using .NET to build add-ins, add-ons and apps for the Microsoft Dynamics community. With the ongoing move to a cloud-first, mobile-first world, it’s becoming increasingly important that Microsoft product modifications and enhancements are created using the right architecture and designs, and to make sure that standard functionalities are not modified.

We were some of the first to start building extensions for NAV when this new modification method became available, and we will stay on the forefront of extension building, as it enables companies to rent their business process solutions on a monthly basis rather than pay for it up-front i.e., to leverage the latest technology to new levels of proactivity, without being unnecessarily exposed to long-term investments.

We are a proud co-founder and member of DynamicsAppAlliance together with NAV Skills and Liberty Grove Software. We firmly believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers new opportunities for revenue and service growth for partner companies that can deliver a complete, easy to use productivity environment – and, that we can assist these companies in gaining a significant competitive advantage over traditional ERP or CRM technology partners.

Let us know how we can support you in making your business more mobile and more repeatable. Contact us so we can start a conversation.

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