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The Microsoft Dynamics landscape is rapidly changing to a cloud-first, mobile-first world with new features and possibilities being announced at an ever increasing. This creates opportunities for tremendous creativity in building business process for customers across the O365, ERP, CRM, PowerBI, Azure and Sharepoint technology stack – often using .Net technologies or lately Flow as well as PowerApps.

This broadening of the technology stack can be a challenge to traditional partners, just as it can be a challenge to the many new partners getting into Microsoft’s ERP offerings, which are increasingly delivered on PaaS and SaaS platforms. In this environment ensuring that solutions work across a multitude of tenants and platforms becomes ever more important.

We have relevant hands-on experience that enables us to empower both traditional and new Microsoft Dynamics partners to bring better solutions to market. In addition we have long worked on larger international projects where our experience with continuos delivery and automated learning proved critical.

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